Joe Grady Tuck is a 5th generation Bastrop County resident who served as the elected District Attorney of the 6 county 216th Judicial District of Texas. At the time of his election in 1972, Joe Grady was the youngest elected prosecutor in the country, and the State’s only Republican DA. Prior to his election, he was a staff man for the Republican Parties of Texas and Colorado, worked in the Nixon Administration, and for Republican Congressman Bill Archer of Houston.

Joe has also taught criminal justice at Shriner University in Kerrville, and taught Employment Law at the graduate school of Chapman University, in California. Joe was a founding member of the Cedar Creek Rotary Club and currently serves on the board of trustees for the Bastrop Historical Society.

Joe Grady Tuck was voted as the “Best Attorney” in the 2017 Bastrop Advertiser/Smithville Times Best of Bastrop Reader’s Choice.



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